Want to learn more about the bond? Watch the video presentation below by Citizens for Newberg and Education member Brandy Penner:

Community Presentation for Keynote.m4v

Will all schools benefit from this bond?

YES! Each school will receive needed upgrades, updates, and repairs. Safety and security improvements will be made at each facility. $18 million will go toward deferred maintenance projects throughout the district (maintenance that had to be postponed due to lack of funds).

In addition, each school will receive upgraded flexible learning spaces. Technology upgrades will support all students throughout the district.

Finally, resiliency and disaster preparedness upgrades will not only protect students and staff, they will also allow schools to serve as community resources during public emergencies.

Why do schools need new heating, air conditioning, and air quality controls?

The heating and cooling systems in the buildings of the District are very old and in constant repair. The District has worked hard to maintain the systems and to repair systems even when parts are no longer available, but their age has created somewhat unsafe and unhealthy conditions, especially in the older buildings. Heating and air conditioning is inconsistent in every learning space, which is not conducive to a healthy learning environment. Air quality controls create a healthier atmosphere within the buildings, an important necessity in the 21st century.

What do “safety and security upgrades” mean?

Our number one priority is to create safe and secure schools for our children. Safety and security upgrades in the Bond include secure entry points at all schools, seismic repairs, communications and emergency operations upgrades, improved air circulation and ventilation, and additional flexible learning spaces to alleviate crowded classrooms where social distancing is impossible.

Why are PE facility improvements needed?

Senate Bill 4 (amended as ORS 329.496) mandates increased minutes for physical education in all K-12 schools, with full compliance in the 2022-23 school year.

This means more students must have more PE time, and there is no additional space. Right now, our gyms are at full capacity within a school week. There are no additional spaces for students to engage in additional PE minutes.

Will any of the Bond money be used to increase salaries for administrators or teachers or to hire more people, or pay down their PERS bills?

Absolutely not! No Bond money may be used for any District personnel hiring or increase of salaries, or PERS payments. It is the law! Bond funds can ONLY be used for construction projects, technology upgrades, and curriculum.

How will this Bond help me when I do not have any children in school?

The Bond will create a safe, secure, and healthy environment for school children. Stronger, safer, healthier schools supplement other strengths in our community. The foundation of a strong community is its schools.

This investment will provide hands-on learning opportunities for students who will graduate and become members of our community. Updated learning spaces give students the tools they need to contribute to our community in the future.

The community owns our facilities. Your YES vote will protect your investment in our schools. Years of deferred maintenance, due to a lack of funds, need to be addressed. The costs now offset more expensive repairs and upgrades in the future. Our district facilities date back to 1911. Dundee Elementary School was built in 1952. It has exceeded its useful life. Repairs and upgrades to facilities now can extend the life of our other school buildings.

Finally, our schools don't just serve students. They are the hub of our community. Local clubs, churches, and sports groups use our facilities. In addition, the proposed resiliency and disaster preparedness upgrades will allow schools to serve as community resources during public emergencies.