On November 3, 2020, the voters of the Newberg-Dundee School District will decide whether to approve a capital construction bond in the amount of $141 million. If voters approve the bond, the district will receive an additional $5 million state matching-fund grant.

School bond projects will increase staff and student safety, improve access to modern technology, and provide upgrades and updates to outdated learning spaces. Watch the video below to learn more about why our students need your YES vote!

Yes for NPS Video 1.mp4

How will the money be used?

Bond funds will be used to replace Dundee Elementary School, to expand and upgrade Edwards Elementary School, and to provide upgrades for vocational learning spaces, transforming them into hands-on, cutting edge facilities.

The Bond will also fund improvements for safety, security, and pandemic health at every building.

Click here for a full cost breakdown by project/category.

What will it cost?

The average homeowner will pay about $36 per month. Historically, homeowners paid significantly more to fund Newberg-Dundee school bonds. The average bond cost to taxpayers between 2004 and 2008 was $3.40/$1,000 of assessed value. The average homeowner paid about $995/year during those years.

Why should I vote yes?

An investment in our schools is an investment in our community - and our future!

All students deserve to learn in safe, secure, modern facilities.

The community owns our facilities. Your YES vote will protect your investment in our schools. Years of deferred maintenance, due to a lack of funds, need to be addressed. The costs now offset more expensive repairs and upgrades in the future. Our district facilities date back to 1911. Dundee Elementary School was built in 1952. It has exceeded its useful life. Repairs and upgrades to facilities now can extend the life of our other school buildings.

Learn more about why you should VOTE YES FOR NPS here!

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